In the early half of the twentieth century, Nepal was dependent upon imports for all materials required for development of its infrastructures. It was made more challenging due to very few motorable roads in existence at the time. In order to lead Nepal into self sufficiency and to accelerate Nepal’s infrastructure growth, Maniharsha Jyoti built the first Nepalese iron and steel factory in the jungles of Parwanipur, Parsa. It was then followed by the construction of the first Nepalese cement factory in Kathmandu.

Today, Parwanipur is not only home to Himal Iron and Steel (P) Ltd, but also to Himal Wires (P) Ltd, Himal Oxygen (P) Ltd, Jay Spinning Mills (P) Ltd, Jyoti Yarn Processing (P) Ltd and the Jyoti Farm. Today, Parwanipur is no longer a jungle but an industrial hub with Jyoti Group leading the way.

Himal Iron and Steel (P) Ltd.

Himal Iron and Steel (P) Ltd was established in 1961. It has since emerged as a pioneering force in Nepal’s iron and steel industry. The company began with the production of plain bars and subsequently led the nation into self sufficiency in the reinforced steel industry. Today it proudly celebrates its 50 years Golden Jubilee, a rare example for Nepalese companies. More

Himal Oxygen (P) Ltd.

With the vision of leading Nepal into self-sufficiency, the first Nepalese gas plant, Himal Oxygen (P) Ltd was established in 1972. It began with the production of medical and industrial high purity Oxygen and Nitrogen in gas and liquid forms. Today, in its upgraded state of the art factory, it produces 99.99% pure Oxygen (maximum purity). It provides door to door delivery and after sales service. Its products are widely used in all major hospitals and industries across Nepal. It is a market leader in its segment. More

Himal Wires (P) Ltd.

Himal Wires (P) Ltd was established in 1982 in Parwanipur, Parsa. It was setup to complement Himal Steel products. From its onset, it has been a pioneer in the industry. Himal Wires (P) Ltd is capable of manufacturing a wide range of wire products such as galvanized wires, barbed wires, binding wires, deformed wires, and annealed wires, all essential for the country’s infrastructure building industries. More

Jay Spinning (P) Ltd.

Jay Spinning (P) Ltd began its operations in 2012. It operates at the site of Jyoti Spinning Mills Ltd, established in 1989. It is one of Nepal’s largest textile yarn spinning mills. It specializes in manufacture of cotton, polyester, viscose, polyester/cotton, polyester/viscose and blend yarns in various counts for domestic as well export demand. More

Jyoti Yarn Processing (P) Ltd.

Jyoti Yarn Processing (P) Ltd was established in 1994 in Parwanipur, Parsa. It was setup to complement the products of the spinning mills. From its onset, it has been a pioneer in the industry. It was setup for dyeing cotton yarn, polyester/cotton yarn and polyester/viscose yarn. More