Himal Oxygen (P) Ltd.

With the vision of leading Nepal into self-sufficiency, the first Nepalese gas plant, Himal Oxygen (P) Ltd was established in 1972. It began with the production of medical and industrial high purity Oxygen and Nitrogen in gas and liquid forms.

Today, in its upgraded state of the art factory, it produces 99.99% pure Oxygen (maximum purity). It provides door to door delivery and after sales service. Its products are widely used in all major hospitals and industries across Nepal. It is a market leader in its segment.

Currently, Himal Oxygen (P) Ltd’s products are marketed by Bhajuratna Engineering & Sales Ltd.

Jyoti Bhawan,
1919 Kantipath, PO Box 133,
Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone No: (977-1) 4253637, 4226530
Fax No: (977-1) 4212932