Himal Wires (P) Ltd.

Himal Wires (P) Ltd was established in 1982 in Parwanipur, Parsa. It was setup to complement Himal Steel products. From its onset, it has been a pioneer in the industry. Himal Wires (P) Ltd is capable of manufacturing a wide range of wire products such as galvanized wires, barbed wires, binding wires, deformed wires, and annealed wires, all essential for the country’s infrastructure building industries.

Today, it produces high strength deformed cold worked Torkari bars (based on Baustahlgewebe Technology from Germany) in popular sizes of 4.75mm and 7mm, and annealed wires in 20 swg and 22 swg coils.

Currently, Himal Wires (P) Ltd’s products are marketed by Himal Iron and Steel (P) Ltd.

Jyoti Bhawan,
1919 Kantipath, PO Box 133,
Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone No:  (977-1) 4253637, 4226530
Fax No:  (977-1) 4212932