Jyoti Group has its early roots in trading. It began with the trading activities of Bhajuratna Kansakar (father of Maniharsha Jyoti). In the early part of the twentieth century, Nepal was a trading hub for the Tibet (now Tibet Autonomous Region of China). Trade items ranged from mundane items such as cloth, soap and toothpaste to exotic items such as bear bile, otter skin and herbs. All trade occurred through porters, horseback, mule and leather boats at the time.

In 1920s, Maniharsha Jyoti founded the trading company, Syamukapu. After its onset, Jyoti Group established its foothold in the trading business making Jyoti Group a trading powerhouse.


Syamukapu meaning “white cap” in Tibetan, refers to the white cap worn by Bhajuratna, father of Maniharsha Jyoti. Syamukapu was established in the 1920s to take advantage of the trading opportunities in the Tibet Region. More

Bhajuratna Engineering & Sales Ltd.

Bhajuratna Engineering & Sales Ltd was established in 1964 and was named after Bhajuratna, the father of Maniharsha Jyoti. With the vision of improving the lives of the Nepalese people, Bhajuratna Engineering & Sales Ltd was setup to provide quality products and services to the people living in the hills and plains of Nepal. It was done at a time when very few companies sought to venture out of the Kathmandu valley. More

Syakar Company Ltd

Syakar Company Ltd was established in 1976 and has been the authorized distributor and retailer of Honda, Hero Honda and Philips in Nepal. It began with the distribution of Honda motorcycles, which the Jyoti Group had been importing since 1967. Syakar Company Ltd followed it with the distribution of Hero Honda motorcycles from 1986. Syakar Company Ltd started its Philips Audio-Video products business in the 1990s. Since 2011, it is also the authorized distributor of Philips domestic appliance, personal care and Philips Avent (baby products).  More

Bhajuratna Pharma (P) Ltd.

Bhajuratna Pharma (P) Ltd started as the Pharma Division of Bhajuratna Engineering & Sales Ltd. However, in order to streamline the operation and make it efficient Bhajuratna Pharma (P) Ltd was established in 1991. It began as a distributor of Sarabhai Chemicals, Baroda in 1986.  More